By Montserrat Cataldi

Even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s world

The School of Life

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are feeling either hopeless or powerless in this unprecedented crisis.

COVID-19 has brought devastating consequences to people, businesses, and community organizations across the globe, forcing many into survival mode. Individually, there is little we can do, but by supporting one another as a community willing to put the society’s interest ahead of our own and take action, we can not only collectively tackle the pandemic, but also overcome it, coming out stronger.

Simple Switch, an e-commerce mission-driven business with the mission of making an impact with every dollar you spend, serves as a great starting point.

Simple Switch’s customers, through their purchase, empower Simple Switch’s partners to tackle social, humanitarian, and environmental challenges harming the world – such as childhood mortality, human trafficking, reducing waste and pollution, and empowering women around the world, all while getting supplies they need to self-quarantine or stay-at-home.

A young child smiling while drinking water from his hands
Simple Switch’s partners enable children in developing countries to receive education, have access to their basic needs, and an opportunity to overcome their struggles

Simple Switch,​ a two year-old online marketplace based in Denver, Colorado is here to help conscious-shoppers make a positive impact while shopping from your sofa.​ With 3,000+ ethical and impactful products ranging from toilet paper to fine jewelry, Simple Switch is there to serve all types of needs. With the mission of serving as the bridge connecting conscious buyers and mission-driven businesses, Simple Switch makes every dollar you spend count.

When shopping at Simple Switch, customers can fill their carts with both items they actually need, such as toilet paper, as well as unique gifts such as the perfect bracelet for Mom. The fact that customers’ purchase satisfies not only their individual needs, but also supports businesses striving to make a difference in the world makes the buyer experience unique and powerful. With Simple Switch, helping others has never been so easy, and shopping has never felt so good!

An woman from Africa carrying her artisan products in her head with a gorgeous smile
Simple Switch’s partners empower women across the world access education and capital for them to live to their full potential

Simple Switch is much more than just online shopping, it is a platform for change.

During these difficult times, Simple Switch is offering customers attractive discounts on all their “quarantine-essentials” ​like non- perishable pantry foods​, encouraging cards ​for isolated loved ones, and ​soaps and lotions​ that won’t dry out your hands after washing every 10 minutes. Just use code “STAYHOME” at checkout. Even better, Simple Switch’s supplier partners are taking direct action in the fight against COVID-19​ through mask production, financial and health support of under-resourced populations around the globe, and even access to free counseling services. These are all only some of the ways in which Simple Switch’s partners are working towards combating the pandemic.

We’re going to get through this. While stuck at home, why not make a “Simple Switch” and get what you need from a company making a real difference?

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