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Has someone ever said something that resonated with you so profoundly that you remember it years later? Do you hope that what you say and do will have an impact on the world around you? Do you want to encourage and educate others in your community, company, or the world at large, but find yourself unsure of where to begin? Check out some of the articles from Topic Insights on how today’s leaders and entrepreneurs are making their mark on the world with the latest in impact news.

There is so much more to becoming an influencer than just starting a business or getting promoted to a new position. It’s about making decisions that will last beyond the immediate results. Maybe you’re dreaming of launching a startup that brings about positive change in the world through innovation, or maybe you dream of mentoring others to live up to their potential as a consultant or advisor. Any dream, no matter how big or small, detailed or vague, can be realized with a twinkle of hope and a great deal of grit. Read on to find the shining inspiration you need to start making a meaningful impact.

Whether you’re making an impact by using your skills and abilities to inspire change in the status quo or starting a business to empower others on their pathway toward success, the right guidance and knowledge can help along the way. Check out Topic Insights’ articles on impact news to learn how to create a legacy that will last.