Acquiring, delighting, and retaining customers are no longer solely the marketer's job. The marketing field is shifting. Discover the different ways in which it is evolving.

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If you’re interested in marketing as a career, the first test of your abilities for a job in the industry is how well you can market yourself and understand the current trends. Topic Insight’s marketing articles give a detailed look into how this industry is constantly changing and evolving, preparing you for this highly competitive career path. 

Growing and maintaining a customer base is no longer the sole responsibility of the marketing department anymore — with changes in the industry, customer retention and acquisition becomes everyone’s job. You can learn the latest in marketing news to stay on the cutting-edge of your industry and ahead of the game in your role.

Gain valuable marketing insights from what may not be considered traditional marketing avenues —  whether it’s in the way farmers markets have evolved through recent years or how influencers have reshaped social media. Understand the current trends in brand strategy and how companies are promoting social awareness and community involvement in areas such as gender, diversity, and inclusion.

Take these real-world examples of marketing success and implement them into your own business or career. Whether you’re part of the marketing department at your job, a freelance marketer, or an entrepreneur, check out Topic Insights’ articles to help you reach your true marketing potential.