The 10 Most Powerful COVID-19 Ads

When circumstances are trying to keep us apart, these companies are fighting to keep us connected, spread positivity, and celebrate our heroes.

How Setting Ambitious Sales Goals can Backfire and How to Turn that Around

In every company, sales is of critical importance to reach performance objectives set by management. Sales serves as the fuel that propel companies to achieve their financial and strategic objectives. As a result, the role of salespeople represent a pivotal one in most organizations. However, more often that not, sales goals tend to be overly-ambitious. And many times, it’s not the personality, dedication, work ethic, or the level of commitment the salesperson demonstrates that prevents sales goals from being accomplished, but macro-environmental factors that hinder goals from being achieved.

Why Tesla is the Auto Industry’s Purple Cow

There is no doubt that Tesla is a fascinating company. It attracts all kinds of crowds – people who love the brand, people who criticize it, fans that can’t live without it, and those who adore it. The truth of the matter is, very few companies have the unique capacity to drive so much attention, scorn, and adoration – all at the same time – towards their brand the way Tesla does. Regardless of what the popular opinion might be, what is clear is that Tesla’s influence has shifted the auto industry towards manufacturing and investing in electric vehicles. Tesla has convinced both customers and automakers that the future is electric.

PepsiCo: 4 Brands they Should Divest From and 4 Brands they Should Acquire

As one of the largest beverages and snack companies in the world, and with more than 22 brands worth more than $2 billion, PepsiCo competes in diverse markets and industries around the world. Since its emergence in 1965, PepsiCo has reached tremendous levels of success by focusing on product innovation, international presence, the acquisition of strategic firms, and building strong partnerships with its distribution channels.

Consumer Trust and Why Authenticity Matters

Organizations today cannot prosper unless their business model is built upon trust. Today more than ever, customers, employees, the media, and communities demand trustworthy organizations. The feeling of integrity and discipline in what organizations say and preach can no longer be taken for granted, as failing to do so will lead to poor organizational performance. As a consequence, trust becomes a key asset for organizations to capitalize upon.

Understanding Marketing’s Full Power

It is often believed that it’s solely marketers’ job to attract customers, spread messages, lead new campaigns, generate leads, manage social media, generate engagement, and build customer loyalty. However, believing so dangerously hinders an organization’s marketing’s potential and capacity. Marketing is too big of a role to be left to the marketers of an organization to deal with.