Make a Difference Through Conscious Shopping

Many are feeling hopeless or powerless in this unprecedented emergency. COVID-19 has brought devastating consequences to people, businesses, and community organizations across the globe, forcing many into survival mode. Individually, there is little we can do, but by supporting one another as a community willing to put the society's interest ahead of our own and take action we can not only collectively tackle the pandemic, but also overcome it, coming out stronger.

Is Water Privatization a Smart Move?

Water is of fundamental importance to human life. Without it, humanity wouldn’t be able to either survive or thrive. Today, water serves multiple critical purposes through its many uses, which are not limited to drinking, watering crops, cooking, personal hygiene, and cleaning (Mobie, 2009). With both growing populations and an increasing demand for water surpassing the available supply, researchers worry that the water crisis is going to get worse with time.

Companies Leading the Way During the COVID-19 Crisis

Business is the greatest platform for change. In times like these, when the world needs us more than ever, organizations ought to step up and stand up for their communities. While organizations depend on their respective communities to pursue and achieve their financial and strategic objectives, communities trust businesses' products and services in their daily lives.

Why Sustainable Business Practices Drives Higher Profits

It’s a small world. A small world in which we, whether we like it or not, are all interconnected. Boundaries and distances are slowly disappearing while our neighborhood size is expanding. As a result, today’s businesses hold the massive moral duty to address not only their shareholders, but every single stakeholder with which they engage with. Therefore, businesses should understand that innovation and progress cannot happen unless they are founded upon an authentic and genuine commitment to uplift humanity.