We take joy in delivering inspiration and optimism through our values-based culture.

  • We are storytellers and optimists.
  • We are not just observers and learners, we are doers.
  • Doers united by a common mission: to inspire.
  • To inspire people to see the best in each other.
  • To inspire people to go out of their way serve others.
  • To inspire people to stand up and step up for what’s personally meaningful to them.
  • To inspire people to explore and crave innovation.
  • To inspire people to ring the alarm bell when they see others being discriminated against.
  • To inspire people to better the world.
  • We are Topic Insights.
  • And we are here to build the world we want to live in.

Our Guiding Values:

What Brings Us Together

Trust & Belonginess
We will do the right thing for the right reason for you to trust us. For real.

You wouldn’t be reading about us if we weren’t being ourselves. And we wouldn’t want you to be reading us if you weren’t either! Be yourself, and let the magic of that shine.

We want both our team and our community of readers to think big, have fun, and give back! At all times (not just outside work).

Customer Success
We can only grow when our readers and community are growing along with us (in knowledge and skills of course).

We seek opportunity. We are not conformed with the status-quo, we strive to do things differently, to be unique.

Learning for us is a life-long journey, we are never done exploring new possibilities.

We love nature. And we want to help preserve it. In all decisions we make, we seek to minimize our carbon footprint and encourage green practice.

We won’t only deliver meaningful insights and innovative ideas – our writers open up about their own personal failures, insecurities, reflections, and view of life. We are who we are, and we are not planning to change that around.

We are not the typical team running a typical company. We are united not because we have to, but because we want to. We have fun, we crack jokes, and we enjoy doing what we do – we are here for the long-term, and having fun is at the core of our journey.


We take joy in delivering inspiration and optimism through our values-based culture



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