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Dr. Stacy Neier Beran

Dr. Stacy Neier Beran

Senior Ignatian Lecturer at Loyola University Chicago

Topic Insights has secured a permanent home in my inbox, my bookmarks tab, and in my head & heart. Topic understands what matters. Topic helps me to break my default settings about where I can interact with editorial, curated information.

Values-based content makes a difference in how we all practice a mindset of curiosity & empathy for what’s happening in society. As a business educator, I’ve used Topic content to generate class discussions about what the traditional headlines are NOT saying. I’ve used Topic content to inspire ideas about additional examples, taking the lead that Topic sets. I wholeheartedly believe that Topic has struck a chord with what the world needs for shifted perspectives and original thought. I’m grateful to the Topic leadership team and will enthusiastically cheer on their expansion!

Francisco Gabriel Caceres

Francisco Gabriel Caceres

Graduate Student Assistant, University of Kansas Aerospace Engineering Department

During these times of hardships, Topic Insights has helped me stay on top by providing informative articles on how to adapt to new challenges and how to overcome them. The COVID-19 pandemic took as all by surprise, forcing us to adapt to new challenges not seen before.

As a first-year master’s student, I like to keep Topic Insight in my toolbox to seek guidance on how to be a better educator, student, and leader. The articles are even coupled with life lessons regarding values and morals and how we can apply them to become not just a better student but a better, more understandable and empathetic person. I feel Topic Insight can help any leader become a better professional and human being.

Roy Ricardi

Roy Ricardi

Forensic Data Analytics Intern at Ernst & Young

Graphically attractive, informative, and user friendly, Topic Insights features some of my favorite articles on the internet! The particular appeal of this site is its commitment to advertising the importance of moral leadership, not necessarily focusing on profit, with overall emphasis on the success and positive change these practices might lead to.

Topic can be used as a resource for many aspects, not only in business but life in general. I am excited to keep reading their articles on sustainability and management, which hold valuable information I have been applying to my career. I hope that it continues to grow into covering other categories, taking the same candid, powerful approach they are known for!

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